Budget Tracking Processor

Are you tracking elements of your budget with spreadsheets? Now you can automate this using the budget tracking processor in PerpetualBudget.com. The actuals data is imported from any enterprise software, i.e., SAP, Coupa, others. PB.com conditions the data formats to conform to its database and your budget structure. Versatile filters like Approver, Order Status, Date Range, other provide flexible control of massive data dumps from the ERP .


A strong feature and benefit of the budget tracking processor is to natively create/update the web application budget structure on-the-fly. For example, if the ERP data is purchase orders which get charged to a profit center or project ID, the process creates cost center folders and inserts purchase order records in the correct folder. The cost center folder can then be “moved” to another location in the budget structure. This is a super-easy and powerful way of getting from ERP data to a database driven budgeting application in minutes!

Another automated feature of the processor is to extract table data such as vendor names and numbers and create table records in the system database. These automation features enable the development of a budget database directly from ERP data exported to spreadsheets.


Because of the data filters, budget structures for the fiscal year can be created at any time, and then updated by the imported data as the fiscal year continues. Data integration happens in both directions; that is, data unknown to the database budget coming from the ERP is added appropriately to the budget data. And data entered by the Users in the web application that references key identifiers such as purchase order number is automatically “found” by the processor and updated in-place.


The processor provides extensive mapping of spreadsheet columnar data to database fields. This makes it possible to adapt to any ERP and chaning conditions in the ERP data structures. Generally, once the maps are set, they don’t need ongoing maintenance.

Map to anything Coupa!

Color Coded Rows

The processed rows of the imported data are color-coded and status annotated. The budget admin can then visuallly scan the presented data looking for patterns, errors or conditions.


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