Cloud batch invoicing – do you need custom software?

Since the modern age of computers and software, if you needed to batch invoice your customers for products or services, it was necessary to contact a software company and pay them to create custom processing software for your requirements. Once the software was debugged and stable, you were still tied to them for changes, and changes to billings are the rule not the exception. This is no longer the case for cloud batch invoicing.

Configuration not custom

There are software companies that can configure their software to “model” your requirements for your invoicing. offered by Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. is one of the newest software packages available that performs cloud batch invoicing for any type of business. Its unique modelling software makes it possible for you the User to do your own modelling and create powerful cloud invoicing at a low price. You are in charge of the entire process and are free to make changes at any time.

One of the unique features of this product is the invoicing platform, QuickBooks Online. We chose QuickBooks Online as our invoicing platform becuase it is a cloud product, stable and low cost and provides a proven Merchant account interface to automatically send your payments to the bank of your choice. You can view our approved offering on their marketplace website here.

In the diagram above you can envision how this system works. Login in to, create item list(s) and customer list(s), pulling the data from your QBO account. These lists combine into a job which runs and creates batches of invoices written to your QBO account. Emails with payment links are then sent to your customers and payments are accepted on QBO which go to your bank account. It is easy to make and easy to support. Online Help and 24×7 support is available to assist you through every step. Go here to register for our FREE trial.

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