Water Company Billing Solution

There are 80,000 water companies in the United States, all of which need a billing solution. But which one do you choose, can you afford it and how do you control it? I worked for a water company that had this very situation and it was difficult to make these decisions. PerpetualInvoice.com now offers a water company billing solution for all situations.

In some frustration, I wrote a software extension to another product we produce, PerpetualBudget.com that generates configurable invoices and writes them to QuickBooks Online. From this we have created a new cloud application PerpetualInvoice.com that creates and writes batch invoices to QuickBooks Online in the cloud.

This application allows anyone in the water company team to create their own invoices and run them as a batch, just by creating lists! Lists are easy to understand and manage. For example a list of items in the invoice or a list of customers to send the invoices to is something you do every day. Combine the lists as a job and the processing power of PerpetualInvoice.com creates invoices and sends them to your customers. These invoices can even be sent as emails with links to make payments.

Sounds easy and it is easy. You might ask, “how do you handle meter readings” or “how do you manage changing customers at the service address”? All these issues have been solved and with over ten years experience we can say with authority, it works!

This software is available now and you can try it for free by going here and registering. There are sample jobs, including a water company job, that you can use to demonstrate the functionality we are describing. And then you can edit these jobs to make them your own using your data.

Once you have created your own water company billing, future changes are easy to manage. You can track changes in your lists using our revision features and create reports of billing against service address. Cloud invoicing will make your monthly billing easy.

PerpetualInvoice.com is a collaborative tool where your Team can login, manage the structure, run the next batch, create reports and share your job structures on other accounts.

You will need a QuickBooks Online account and can try it for free here. PerpetualInvoice.com is an approved product on Apps.comApps.com as well, so if you already are using QuickBooks Online, just go to Apps and search on “batch Invoicing” to access PerpetualInvoice.com.

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