Sample Jobs: Cloud Invoicing, Easy and Fast

You can get started generating cloud invoicing jobs by running the sample jobs we supply and then edit them to your own data.

We have selected four common billing solutions and made sample jobs:

We will describe each of these solutions and tell you how you can “make them your own”. 

Apartment Rent & Utilities Billing – the interesting part of this solution is the addition of billing for the utilities. handles the rent and add-ons like pet and children charges. It also handles the utility bills when your units have individual meters. provides the capability to add usage data such as meter reading values in one of the job run steps.

HOA Fees Billing with Assessment – HOAs have the usual issue of keeping track of owner changes at the property. They also have to bill for small or large assessments periodically. As property ownership change hands the software takes care of customer list changes and retains a history of billings by customer.

Water Company Billing – This is the genesis of!. We created an invoicing solution for a small water utility that calculated bills, tracked customers at addresses and wrote invoices to QuickBooks. The software is easy to use and supports a wide variety of billing applications.

Wine Club Billing – we live in California where there are thousands of large and small wineries. All wineries have club memberships, so we decided to make a solution for them. You can use to keep track of member usage and bill effectively every month. If the club has a purchased membership, the software tracks the membership as customer changes occur.

More Information:

You get more information on cloud invoicing item modeling here. Because cloud invoicing can be complex more information on customer list creation and maintenance here.

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