Purchase order tracking solution

With PerpetualBudget, automate your purchase order tracking solution and get your entire project management team managing the purchase order life cycle online. For businesses, this saves valuable time and resources.

Purchase order tracking online combined with project budgeting offers the maximum benefit to the project Team. Purchase orders are the largest financial impact on the outside spend for your business. Consolidating the entire procurement activity within a working budget offers your Team the maximum in efficiency, visibility and great results.

Why do you need a purchase order tracking solution? Business managers at the department level have a lot of projects to manage. And when the outside spend is a large percentage of overall costs and project success, it makes sense to provide a budgeting umbrella to contain all the pertinent elements of project cost.

What does a purchase order tracking solution do? PerpetualBudget first creates a department project budget to contain the applicable business projects. Within each budget level are accounts, projects and purchase order objects that comprise the overall financial structure. Budgets are constructed and maintained by the project managers. At the project layer of the budget, purchase orders are requested, approved, placed and managed from PerpetualBudget.

Our software solution makes you go green and get rid of the paper. Because PerpetualBudget.com is a web application with Users, Roles, Permissions and collaborative communications, it becomes the hub of all purchase order and budgeting activity. All activities are initiated, controlled and maintained by the web software. It works in real-time so it’s never necessary to freeze operations, create reports and make changes. It can all be done 24×7 with self-reporting a vital feature and benefit of the system.

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Our smart cell phone (mobile devices) applications for iOS and Android systems make managing the data and approvals work flow a breeze. Therefore, using PerpetualBudget.com makes budgeting easier and better. FREE evaluation account. For more information regarding our software solution or in the case you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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