Project Spend Management

In department budgeting solutions, project spend management is a very important part of the financial picture.  The hierarchy of budgets – projects – outside spend rolls up the project money spent on purchases and shows commitments and expenditures as they occur.  The vital part of this process is acquiring the spend data automatically and accurately.  Now you can do this with using the new Tracking Processor.

PerpetualBudget interfaces with most ERP/Purchase Order systems to process data and keep the project budgets updated with the most current outside spend data. takes the exported data (purchase order spend) from the ERP and not only imports the data but organizes it in the appropriate cost center/project folders.  A case in point is our work importing and processing data from Coupa spend management systems.  Coupa does an excellent job of providing the purchase order module for larger ERP systems. takes it a step farther by integrating the outside spend data with a structured budget – automatically.

Tracking Processor

A new feature of is the Tracking Processor (TP). Because TP maps to any spreadsheet supporting the details of purchase orders, projects and other budget data, it parses the data and applies it automatically to the existing budget structure. Or if you are buildig a new budget, it creates the budget structure on-the-fly for you.

Another benefit of PerpetualBudget is handling the details of blanket purchase orders.  In corporate departments, the administrative workload and cost of handling dozens or hundreds of small purchase orders can be off-loaded to the tracking software.  The software provides a managed process for making releases against the blanket. But, this isn’t all – it also provides document repository management for the releases so that all aspects of the release are well-documented available to everyone on the project team.

If you are using a dedicated admin within the department to handle the purchasing function, you can ease their workload and improve the throughput by using the collaborative features of provides a collaborative capability to initiate and manage the PO process from request to fulfillment and all the approval processes in between. Besides these powerful features there are also mobile apps available with the system which improve the approval loop timeframes by a factor of 10.

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