PO Tracking Service

Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. provides purchase order tracking services to customers utilizing an account on PerpetualBudget.com. Below is a general list of tasks and capabilities we use to create a prototype data structure for the tracking service. There is NO-CHARGE to create the prototype account. The best structure to employ is a project budget which can roll up into department level budgets to handle outside spend. These budgets can be very simple or as complex as needed to model your structure:

  • We create a project budget structure based on input from the customer. At a minimum, the budget structure must contain at least this hierarchy – one budget, one account, one project which can contain an unlimited number of purchase transaction records.
  • We populate a Users list with Roles and Permissions. We need one or more Users to engage the PB account for test and validation purposes.
  • We populate a Vendors list.
  • We set User preferences.
Simple Project Structure

Notice the Open POs project folder. One powerful method to utilize PerpetualBudget.com in a Corporate Department environment is to create blanket PO(s) in the ERP software and track ALL of the releases in PB.com. This saves a lot of money and time yet provides all the controls and documentation that your company policy demands as in two-person approval controls, document management and PO tracking status reports.

This level of structure provides a working prototype which you can use to evaluate whether PerpetualBudget.com will satisfy your tracking requirements. This stage of our interaction with you is FREE! Recurring charges to use the system range from $100 per User per year to $300 per User per year for minimum 15 Users. Ongoing support charges from Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. can be zero if you don’t need any assistance to $500/month minimum for the following services:

  • Budget structure maintenance
  • User & Vendor list support
  • $ Reconciliation at month close with ERP reports
  • User training (West Coast USA working hours)

You can get started by calling us at (209) 810-3048 or email us using the form below.

    You can also create a test account of your own to get an idea of what we are talking about. Below is an interactive form you can use to get started.

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