HOA Fees Billing Solutions

Homeowners Associations (HOA) need a billing solution that is easy to use, low cost and readily available. HOA billing solutions may have to handle fees, special assessments and utilities charges. The HOA property management firm may have billing capabilities but they face the same issues as the HOA. A solution that is available is PerpetualInvoice.com (PI.com). PI.com is a list driven online fees solution that easily handles the billing requirements for any HOA regardless of size.  

One of the key advantages of using software like PI.com is the organic self-service aspect of controlling the process using your organization’s staff. PI.com is user friendly with sample lists and jobs to use to model and learn how to best create and manage cloud invoicing jobs.

Cloud invoicing involves managing these three types of lists:

  • Items – these are the fees and services being provided in the bill.
  • Customers – a list of customers designating the service address.
  • Jobs – a job is the combination of an item list and a customer list. Jobs require common items, so several types of jobs may be required.

The PI.com software leverages QuickBooks Online (QBO) as it’s invoicing platform. QBO is particularly useful in this role for it’s stable, low cost approach to handling financial transactions and banking. By creating and managing the invoice jobs in PI.com and applying the invoices to customer accounts in QBO, the user can take care of the built-in financial services of QBO such as credit card payments, email invoicing, ACH payments and much more.

You might ask, why do I need PI.com if we also use QuickBooks? That’s easy, QuickBooks is a great software for doing accounting; but not very useful for the cloud invoicing function. Separately we can show you on our blog the easy to user features of PI.com that make it ideal for HOA billing solutions.

So what does PI.com do for the HOA that is so helpful? Below are the benefits of PI.com:

  • Tracks customer history by address
  • Bills for water and other utilities
  • Handles minimum and maximum conditions for invoice items
  • Keeps history of item list changes
  • Provides a Wizard QA sequence to ensure a successful and accurate batch

You can try our software for FREE by registering here. If you are already a QuickBooks Online account customer, you can connect automatically to PI.com by going here.