Customer List Management for Cloud Invoicing

Keep a history of invoices by customer.

Managing customer lists for cloud invoicing

Keep a history of invoices by customer.
A designator list tracks customers by the source of revenue.

Customer list management is an important part of cloud invoicing. The invoicing software must manage customer lists. In particular, tracking each revenue source by customer is a requirement. For example, a revenue source is a service address. Other examples of revenue sources are apartment unit, account number, marina slip, HOA member number and many more.

Customer List Management: Examples

The example shows a “designator” column and a customer column. The selected customer is “assigned” to the designator. Notice that customers come and go at the revenue source. At a service address, the current customer can change before the next billing so a new customer must be assigned to the revenue source. Changes to the list are controlled and saved to a database which then keeps a history of the changes.

Another property of customer lists is the name of the list. The software refers to the list by name so it is easy to assign different lists to different invoicing jobs. The software we are referring to is This is a web application for creating and managing cloud invoicing. This software provides a wide range of list management for cloud invoicing, including customer lists. You can try this software for FREE by going here. However, if you have a QuickBooks Online account you can access the software here.

More information about cloud invoicing can be found here.

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