Project budgeting with integrated spend management

Budgeting is increasingly becoming more integrated with real-time business operations and particularly spend management. No longer is it sufficient to set a budget and update it once in a while. In the past, budget updates were painful and inaccurate. Recasting the budget isn’t really important if too much time has lapsed. Managers at the project level and higher need to know they are accomplishing their goals and evaluating financial performance is a strong indicator that the business is being well managed.

Enterprise softwares include budgeting and spend management as part of their standard package. But this makes it hard for corporate departments or small businesses to craft and manage an integrated budgeting system suitable for their needs. It’s a question of doctrine and scale. If the management of corporate departments or small businesses need to implement their own integrated system, what do they do? We have a solution that meets this requirement:!

Spend management works better when team collaboration is made possible through the software. Team collaboration involves the vendor, project manager and budget coordinator working together in a workflow to effectively process each expenditure. The software tracks each step in the submission and approval process and keeps a record of all actions for full compliance to purchasing standards. is a mature web application for setting and tracking project budgeting for corporate departments or small business. Engineered and supported by Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. since the year 2000, is a collaborative web application that works with any ERP or accounting package and empowers project managers, budget coordinators and vendor managers to work collaboratively to achieve their financial business goals.

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