Budgeting & Integrated Spend Management Solution

PerpetualBudget.com is a web budgeting and integrated spend management solution and so much more! This application has a rich history first as a Windows desktop budgeting program that evolved into a cloud project budgeting and spend management application. The heart of this solution is tight coupling between the project budgets and purchase order tracking of all expenditures.

What does this look like?

Budget tree for integrated spend management solution.
Project Budgeting Tree Structure

In the tree example above the hierarchy illustrates how Purchase Order objects (PO records) are tracked. All the financial objects rollup from POs (green) to Projects (wheat) to Accounts (blue) to Budgets (grey). This financial structure is created by the Team wherein the Admin, Project Managers and Vendor contacts work together to first create a budget shell and then collaborate in real time to initiate new POs, approve estimates, place POs and track all invoices and life-cycle changes to the PO.

The web application PerpetualBudget.com is available to all evaluators at no charge and no credit card is required. We will prototype your evaluation system AT NO CHARGE.

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    Roles & Permissions

    The system has the expected account security which is enhanced by adding Roles and Account Permissions for each User. This access control is vital to allow the proper access to data while preventing access to financial data that should be protected.

    Spend Management

    Integral to the budgeting program is the integrated spend management solution (purchase order tracking). Purchase order management of the outside spend is performed by the entire Team, from Vendor Manager to Budget Admin. You can read more about how to organize your PO management here.


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