Cloud invoicing: Systems Approach

A systems approach is best for large scale cloud invoicing operations. Invoicing involves more than one person. One person accumulates and validates the billing details. A different person is in charge of item changes or changes to the extended item properties. Timeframes are a factor in Team Collaboration. The software must allow team members to work independently of each other. Basic information on cloud invoicing is found here.

Team Tasks by Role

Tasks are separated and shared amongst the team. Most of these tasks are list-oriented and handled by the software to reduce complexity. Multiple disciplined team members work together on the cloud invoicing Jobs therefore improving the workflow. Besides this can be crucial if the team is supporting multiple clients.

Software provides Team Collaboration

The collaboration starts with¬†registering for an account. The account Super-Admin can add additional team members. Let’s breakdown the workflow of a typical Team collaborated invoicing job:¬†

  • Analyst – The analyst generates a list of items to be included in each invoice. They manage any extension to the item price that is required. These are properties like minimum/maximum quantity or amount. They decide what type of customer list is required such as one that tracks sales to the source of revenue. They determine which items need custom item descriptions that are required at runtime and other tasks.
  • Data Entry – The lists must be maintained. Customer changes at service addresses are tracked. External item usage data is added to the data structure during the job runtime.
  • Bookkeeper – The bookkeepeer is responsible for Job runtime. They must do in-process checking to ensure the batch runs correctly. After the job runs invoices are distributed by email for payment. is ideal for the systems approach to cloud invoicing as it suports multiple Users, multiple Roles and multiple Clients. You can evaluate it for FREE by going here to register. PerpetualInvoice is an approved third-party vendor for QuickBooks Online. If you currently have an account with QuickBooks you can access the software here.

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