Cloud Billing Solutions: PerpetualInvoice

Create your own billing solutions using web application. models cloud billing solutions for any business or market. This page describes and discusses the merits of and provides examples of the solutions.

  • ( is a web application that creates and manages invoices in the cloud for any business.
  • The emphasis of is batch invoicing; it is fast, easy and in the cloud so everyone can use it anywhere.
  • The accounting platform is QuickBooks Online (QBO). We use QBO because it provides secure payments and bona fide merchant accounts.

Billing solution software typically uses custom code to adapt the base software to the specifics of any billing requirement. goes a step farther and makes the featureset of the billing engine configurable through lists to create solutions of almost any type. The lists required to do this are the following:

  • Customer Lists – these have to adapt to not only the properties of the customer account but the association of the customer with the source of revenue. We call these Designators.
  • Item Lists – Items are objects that we are charging money for, the items in each invoice. Item prices can be fixed but often they vary by pricing policies set in the processing software. The variables of item price such as min/max quantity, min/max rate and min/max amount can be controlled using the Extended Item list.
  • Job Lists – A job is combining a customer list with an item list and applying the unique properties that affect price at runtime. Properties like unique usage, late fees, minimum and/or maximum, and class are applied at runtime to dynamically calculate the price of each item.

We’ve looked at a lot of billing solutions and they all suffer from complexity. Of course billing is unique for each business but it doesn’t have to use terms and screens that are difficult to understand and apply. keeps it simple in concept: a Customer List plus an Item List are combined into a Job List that creates invoices. To help getting started, we have created sample jobs that will install on your device and give you working examples of how to create and manage cloud invoicing.

You can try this software for FREE by going here. However, if you have a QuickBooks Online account you can access the software here. More information about cloud invoicing can be found here. We will assist you in evaluating, give us a call or email us.