Billing Service

Here’s how our Billing Service works:

We create evaluation Invoicing Jobs at No-Charge so we can rapidly get into a working relationship with you, the Customer. Our experience is that once a Job is set-up, it tends to run month-after-month for a long time with minimal structural changes. Mostly the changes are in the customer list, late fee policies and special charges.

  • First we meet with you on webex to discuss your billing requirements. The more we understand about your business and needs, the better job we can do for you. If you already have a billing model, please provide us a copy of one.
  • Next we model your structure and create a working prototype. We use QuickBooks Online as our invoicing platform. We will create a temporary account on QBO to test the prototype. If we get into a production mode with you, this account can be transfered to you or we can use an account you provide. We will need Admin priviledges to the account, at least while we develop the prototype.
  • Once the prototype is performing to your expectations, we jointly work out a Team plan to do your monthly billing. This includes maintaining all lists, making the invoicing run(s) and generating reports that assist in reconciling all accounts.
Create your own billing solutions using web application.

Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. has been providing billing services since 2007. We offer complete services as shown in the list below. We have shown typical prices, actuals prices may vary. The key to success is to spend enough time on the evaluation job(s) so all the unknowns are removed.

  • Item Stucture & Definition
  • Item List & Extended Attributes
  • Customer List & Designator(s)
  • Job List(s)
  • Runtime Support
  • List Maintenance

We want to get paid for the monthly/quarterly invoicing run and associated reporting for each run. These charges vary depending on setup time, run size and reporting requirements. Typically figure on $0.35 per invoice.

List Maintenance is number dependent. A typical charge for a 2000 account list is $200 per month.

You can get started by calling us at (209) 810-3048 or email us using the form below.