PerpetualProducts are the web applications of Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc (SBA). We have been creating and supporting applications for budgeting, spend management and batch invoicing since 2000. Our customers range from Fortune 500 company departments to small businesses.

Our newest application released in 2018, PerpetualInvoice.com, (PI.com) is an easy to use cloud batch invoicing website for small businesses. After years of creating dedicated invoicing software for utility companies, we decided to generalize our technical approach and create an invoicing product any business can use.

The concept of PI.com is simple; create an Item LIst and a Customer List then combine them into a Job that makes invoices. Register here for a free trial.

Our flagship product, PerpetualBudget.com, (PB.com) is a mature budgeting platform for company departments that features built-in spend management of the outside spend. The budgeting approach is “project-centric”, where the budgets and spend are focused on project management. The collaborative quality of PB.com is Role-based allowing budget admins, project managers and vendor managers to work together to execute against the budget plan.

PB.com is powerful and field-proven with over ten years of corporate service. Contact us for a tour and demo of what it can do for you. The minimum license package is for 15 web users and can be expanded to as many as you need.