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        Take the 10-step PerpetualBudget building routine

You can build an impressive distributed fully functional budgeting system in ten easy steps using the  automation tools available in PerpetualBudget. These are all automated routines involving the point and click or Interview style graphical interface.

  1. Export the General Ledger Chart of Accounts from your accounting system to Excel.

  2. Import the file data into PB. Or use the Data Exchange Wizard to set-up two-way exchange.

  3. Select a repeating data block. Or we'll design one for you at no charge.

  4. Select the accounts that you want to project and track.

  5. Enter your organizational structure into PB using Interview.

  6. Build the budget workbooks. Run pbNOW to create all required worksheets.

  7. Distribute the budget using built-in E-mail features integrated with Outlook/Exchange.

  8. Automatically process updates from the remote users.

  9. Generate Reports for screen, print, data and file output.

  10. Maintain the budget system including all GL interfaces, populated templates and worksheets using the database storage and restore sub-systems. pbNOW rebuilds and restores on demand.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, we know how hard budgeting can be but PerpetualBudget makes it easier using tools you understand. And if you don't want to work off the accounting structure, skip the first four steps and enter your account structure directly on the main data collection template.

Want to construct a more complicated system combining summary and drill-down detailed templates? Need to involve your finance team to manage the budget activity? No problem! Would you like to interface your existing budgeting system to PerpetualBudget? For more information on PerpetualBudget please contact us.


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