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QuickBooks Compatible

PerpetualBudget generically supports all accounting  programs by virture of being able to import and export XLS data files. QuickBooks by Intuit is a special case for PerpetualBudget because of the way QB segregates accounts by classes. The Class objects in QB as they apply to organizations make the flow of data to and from PerpetualBudget efficient and self-supporting once they are set up.

The import and export features in QB uses Classes to organize the data being exchanged. PerpetualBudget's Data Exchange Wizard is specifically programmed to format Class oriented data and readily exchanges data between the programs. This enhanced automation makes the task of variance management nearly automatic. You only have to run the Wizard periodically to update PB with QB actuals.

The benefits for QB users are immediate and dramatic. Using PerpetualBudget, a QB user can create complex, multi-organization tracking budgets in minutes, not days and get all the processing power of PerpetualBudget right out of the box. PerpetualBudget is priced appropiately for customers utilizing QuickBooks and scales technically to supply a feature set proportional to the data being managed.

A new feature is support for multiple Company Files. The Data Exchange Wizard provides screens to manage file lists, increment or loop Company Files and graphically create the budget organization by interpreting the "organization" of Company Files. This enables PerpetualBudget to create master budgets from a set of disassociated Company Files.

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