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Budgeting Applications:

Thank you for your interest in perpetual budget software!

Budgeting is usually thought of as a necessary evil in any company or organization.  Enterprise budgeting software is specifically designed to control the entire company’s chart of accounts which for a Fortune 500 company can become quite a challenging undertaking.  And while it can accomplish its goal, it leaves budget administrators in the profit and cost centers of each department out in the cold.  Enterprise software wasn’t designed to manage and track department budgets.  Perpetual Budget software was designed for exactly that purpose!  Perpetual Budget is budgeting software that is designed to work with enterprise software to enable cost centers and profit centers to better manage their budgets.  It works seamlessly in the Microsoft Office environment utilizing Excel, Outlook, Access and Windows to deliver a configurable product for any desktop environment.


The original desktop software known as pbudget (PB6) is a full service budgeting software program.  It can handle any financial structure and be configured for any business environment.  It is an open architecture system to form a flexible system that leverages your existing financial systems.  It is designed for power users that extensively use and need all of the capability of a complex financial structure.

pb7 for Win 7

As technology continues to evolve, there is a real need for Perpetual Budget to continue to evolve as well.  Perpetual Budget 7 (pb7) was specifically designed to work with Windows 7 as well as new Microsoft versions to come after it.  It is going to be an easier, simpler way to utilize the benefits of pb6 without the complicated structure.  It is designed for medium users that don’t need all of the complexity of a full financial picture.  It utilizes excel but improves on it as well.  The software is designed to work seamlessly with the website and will eventually evolve into…

One significant achievement in the perpetual budget development has been the addition of our website, (  Adding a web site to the family of Perpetual Budget products allows an organization to share data with team members and allows for team collaboration and real time reporting where it was non existent before.  Migrating the budget administrator desktop data to the web on a regular interval (or real-time) allows the budget (project) managers to access their data independent of the administrator, making the web a self-service report tool.  The budget managers are kept up-to-date on project budget numbers and are able to focus their time on other areas of project management.


As the capabilities on the web continue to expand and develop, it might be necessary for users on the web to be able to sync information created on the web back to the desktop software.  For users with either pb6 or 7 this will not be a problem.  However, for users that only utilize, there needs to be an excel version of pb in order to manage and track their budgets. 

Real time budgeting with Perpetual Budgeting Software.  The better way to excel in budgeting.


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