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pbNOW is the run-time engine in PerpetualBudget that creates all worksheets on-demand. The acronym stands for:

  • No links means greater portability and ease of maintenance.
  • On demand functionality allows changes at all stages of the budget cycle.
  • Worksheet restore features provides complete replacement and restoration of the budget documents at any time.

When a worksheet is requested by the system, the pbNOW engine loads the applicable document outline and proceeds to write the document line-by-line, querying the database for the line item selections. At the end of the worksheet write, if data has been requested, a second pass is made. During this pass, all line items in the worksheet are queried and returned data is written to the sheet. Read more about Worksheets On-Demand...

This technique ensures that as changes are made to the document structure, GL structure or line item assignments, the worksheet will always reflect the most current information in the system.

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