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Existing Spreadsheets

If you currently use Excel for budgeting or planning you undoubtedly have made a big investment in templates used for these functions. PerpetualBudget can easily integrate your specialized templates into the system processing. You can see examples of some fixed structure templates used in the program as "drill-down" templates from the detailed P & L. We can do the same or similar technique with your templates. Contact Support at SBA for more information on how this works. If the template is of a general nature and might be useful to other customers, there is no charge to integrate it into PerpetualBudget.

Calculation Spreadsheets

PerpetualBudget allows you to integrate calculation type spreadsheets to the system. This technique is described in more detail here. The benefit to you is being able to customize how certain line items are calculated without the program having to "know" how it is being done. Contact Support at SBA for assistance.







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