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Our mission: We specialize in low-cost, powerful software solutions for financial management. Solutions that you own, control and deploy from the desktop. Excel is the best financial modeling tool and you need additional graphical and database tools that you control. These tools provide the extensions needed to allow Excel to run as a system in today's networks.  If you want the ability to deploy Excel systems rapidly and build on them in the future, please read our material, download our products and purchase them off the secure site.

Spicer-Baer Associates is a software products firm formed in 1998. Located near Lodi, California, SBA has evolved into a developer of software applications for business productivity solutions.  PerpetualBudget and PerpetualWorkbook are the first of a series of productivity applications targeted for the business professional to extend their productivity on the desktop in a networked world.  

Desktop processing continues to be the source of individual creativity;  what's needed beyond powerful centralized server systems are applications that serve the corporate professional.  The  network 'plumbing' connecting all computing, communications and business support devices, can be leveraged to allow business professionals to host their own networked solutions.  Spicer-Baer Associates is working in this direction, well aware that it is the established desktop and server platforms that must be used to effect this class of solution.


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