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Lodi, CA      Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. has released PerpetualWorkbook v1.80 for distributed processing using Excel spreadsheets. The makers of PerpetualBudget have released this new product to support general spreadsheet applications which require collaboration and input from people throughout an organization. The products allow Excel users to create, distribute, administer or use workbooks that can be updated by a collaborating group without sharing the master workbooks. A rich set of Wizards and tutorials assist a wide-range of user skills to take spreadsheet models to the next level. The product line includes an Add-In for Excel to create workbooks and a Windows program to manage multiple projects. PerpetualWorkbook is built using a common database module that facilitates the management by multiple administrators of several projects over the network. The system technology is modular allowing each component to run stand-alone or integrated with a larger system. All products are upward compatible with the company's other product lines.

"We have been targeting Excel users supporting budgeting applications with our PerpetualBudget processing technology. Our users convinced us to provide a more general-purpose set of tools and also to supply workbooks designed to do distributed budgeting using spreadsheets", explained Jim Spicer, Chief Technologist at Spicer-Baer. The PerpetualWorkbook product line addresses the needs of the general purpose spreadsheet user desiring collaborative use and automated consolidation of worksheets over a network or via e-mail. The new distributed budgeting solution will be introduced under the PerpetualBudget product label later this summer. Aimed at small to medium sized companies, the budgeting product allows full user customization, distribution from the desktop and a comprehensive set of financial reports including financial ratios, balance sheets, COGS details, cash flows and operations. 

Download 30-day no-charge evaluation products at Pricing starts at $59 USD. Supported platforms include Win 95 and higher, and Microsoft Office '97 and higher.

Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. is a software company specializing in applications for the finance professional. More information on PerpetualBudget and the company may be obtained by contacting Jim Spicer (209) 365-9646,

PerpetualBudget is a registered trademark of Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. Excel, Office and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

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