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Lodi, CA Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. has released PerpetualBudget v4.0, a distributed budgeting solution for Windows that features a full function, seamless XML interface to Intuit's QuickBooks (all US versions). This enhances the built-in file based data interface that generically supports any accounting program.

"We had released a version of PerpetualBudget earlier this year that supports the QuickBooks XML interface.", said Jim Spicer, Chief Technologist at SBA, Inc. "A customer was evaluating this release and asked if we could support consolidated financials for multiple company files. The requirement is to first create a master budget structure from a number of separate company files. Then all budget operations requiring data from the accounting program receives them without any manual operations. The outcome is v4.0 which implements a drag and drop master budget structure from multiple company files. This is definitely a market driven release," Mr. Spicer stated, "and the seamless data flow between programs greatly improves user productivity. We are seeing an increasing number of more demanding budgeting requirements from QuickBooks customers and we intend to support them."

PerpetualBudget runs in Windows, supports team management and produces all the traditional financial reports for budgeting, forecasting and planning. The program provides an Auto-Configure mode for QuickBooks applications that creates the required data structures in PerpetualBudget automatically based on the configurations in QuickBooks company files.

Also new in the v4.0 release is support for free-form Excel calculation spreadsheets. The program provides drill-down capabilities for wages, capital and expenses. Spicer had these comments; "It's impossible for us to create templating for every budgeting task. And more templating increases the burden on customers to learn our design rules. We're focused on automating the higher level reports like P & L, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet. These routines can re-create the system when data or organizations change. This puts the heavy lifting burden of repetitive, structure driven tasks on the program. Customers can interface their existing Excel spreadsheets into the system in minutes and rollup specialized calculation schemes where they want them in the budget structure. "

Download evaluation products at Pricing for PerpetualBudget starts at $1,495 USD.

Spicer-Baer Associates, Inc. is a software company specializing in financial applications. More information on PerpetualBudget and the company may be obtained by contacting Jim Spicer (209) 365-9646,

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