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An automation breakthrough for Excel budgeting!

Worksheet restore

Now for the first time you can create your budgeting structure on-the-fly in real time, integrated with your accounting system! Version 3.40 PerpetualBudget marks the completion of a year long development to fully automate the process of budget creation using your accounting system as the baseline.

The program provides these capabilities:

  • Imports GL structure and data from an Excel file.
  • Creates new data templates on-the-fly.
  • Replaces all data worksheets in the project.
  • Restores all data from the program managed database.

In plain language this means you can create a new budget based on your GL Chart of Accounts using this automation method. When your GL structure changes, you simply re-run pbNOW and all budget workbooks are updated, automatically. No data is lost and no manual re-work is required.

If you want to better understand the process flow, follow the logical steps in the diagram below.



This whole operation from start to finish takes about five minutes, depending on the complexity of your GL structure and the number of workbooks/worksheets in the budget project. This technique is another example of the benefits of data portability created by PerpetualBudget. The v3.40 release contains many new features. Read about them here.


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