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Technical features and benefits:

  • Uses existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Seamless compatibility with Excel
  • Detects missing or corrupted User Files and replaces them
  • Full E-mail integration with user group - MAPI, SMTP, POP3 protocols
    • Handles Outlook security alerts
  • Automated Password protection interface
  • Visual notification of users updates
  • Creates User workbooks automatically, any worksheet configuration.
  • Distinguishes between reference worksheets and sheets to update.
  • Supports versioning - roll back or forward to any date.
  • Automatic logging of all system events and errors.
    • Interactive error correction
    • Interactive version labeling
    • Full session data storage
  • Allows Line Managers and Finance Analysts to work independently
  • Supports LAN and E-mail file operations. Compatible with FTP, HTTP file servers.
  • Automatic or manual updating of master file worksheets, includes Preview/Edit
  • Supports secure Network database for multi-admin user operations
  • Admin User level security system
  • Secure data migration between local and network databases
  • Full UNC file support

Some screen shots!                                             

System requirements:

OS:                 Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP
Disc:               client installation - 10 MB or less
Memory:          64 MB min, 128 MB or higher preferable
Processor:      300 Mhz min    
Network:          NT4, Win 2K, 95/98 Peer, NW4/5, client standalone
Applications:    Excel 97 and higher


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