What is Cloud Batch Invoicing?

Batch invoicing has been around a long time and has many definitions. The short of it is batch invoicing is any process that creates many invoices quickly. Cloud batch invoicing is newer and still has many meanings, but the premise is the same except the processing is happening from cloud servers.

Cloud batch invoicing on PerpetualInvoice.com is distinctive because:
1. It is list driven. Create an item list and a customer list then combine them into a job and voila you have created a cloud batch of invoices.
2. You can do this from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection.
3. Modeling items and customers allow you to create invoices for any business.
4. PI.com targets QuickBooks Online (QBO) as it’s invoicing platform because QBO is inexpensive, easy to use and has built-in Merchant Services. 

Cloud invoicing on PerpetualInvoice.com brings a fresh approach to billing because you have the versatility of configuring your own items and customer lists and the always online accessibility of the cloud; all at a low price.

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